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The association’s mission is to maximise mutual understanding between the investment community and the FMCG, luxury goods, food retail and foodservice industries. It strives to achieve this by providing a range of specialist events and services.

CAGE is founded upon the principles of independence, democracy and equality:

  • Membership is available to all eligible professionals from the investment community and from the FMCG, luxury goods and food retail industries.
  • The association is independent of the companies and the institutions from which its membership is derived.
  • The association is inclusive, not exclusive, and driven by its members' needs, not by financial motives.
  • All members are of equal importance irrespective of the size and nature of their organisation: one fee, one member, one vote.
  • The executive board is accountable to the membership and is aided and supervised by an independent advisory panel.
  • The costs of the association are borne by the entire membership; any profits are used to further the aims of the association; the assets of the association belong to the membership as a whole and not to any individual.
  • Members influence the shape and direction of the association and its activities via informal feedback, ad-hoc surveys and formal voting procedures.

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