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Ad-hoc Events

All ad-hoc events focus upon just one company and are conceived to give the audience a more granular appreciation of that company’s activities.

These are typically 90-minute meetings at a Central London venue to which we invite the operating management of one of our Corporate Members to discuss relevant topics with up to 50 members of the investment community.

Each event usually begins with a brief presentation of ca. 30 minutes, with the rest of the time devoted to Q&A and discussion. We are aiming for a frank, open and granular discussion of industry issues as well as company-specific topics.

All events include lunch and refreshments or cocktails and canapés, depending upon the time of day.

Costs Corporate Members | Event administration free of charge
Individual & Associate Members | Entry to each event is free of charge; transportation is not included
Timing Currently no meetings are scheduled; members will be advised of new events

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